We invite you to make a tax-deductible contribution to have Time To Choose shown in schools and communities across the US and around the world. There are TWO ways you can help support this initiative:

  1. Donate blocks of tickets to existing screenings near you:
  2. Donate the cost of an entire screening to take place at a theater of your choice:

I. To Donate either a block of 25 tickets or 50 tickets for a group of your choice, click on the button below to (i) input the amount you wish to donate; and (ii) identify the recipients of your donated tickets.

Donate 25 Tickets

Donate 50 Tickets

II. To Donate your own screening of Time To Choose click on the link below and request a screening through Gathr Films. You will get to pick the date, time and theater where your screening will take place. If you want to host multiple events, just fill out the form a new time for each screening you would like to Donate.

Host A Donated Screening Event

After you fill out the screening form, Gathr will send you a link to your event’s custom screening page where you will be able to purchase the tickets needed to make this screening free for the public or an organization of your choice.